9 SEPT 2021, written by Art Curator Elisabetta Eliotropio

The art made by the artist Menina Melissa is a set of different shapes and colours. To introduce her work could

be useful to start from her consideration. As she says :<< each painting tells its own story and invites the viewer

to pause and discover>>. In fact if we consider the paintings that she presents on occasion of the international art

exhibition DE.MO we can see that each piece has his own tail that is written through the shapes and the colors

used. Although the style is similar, the observer can discover different intentions beyond every form and colors

used. Starting from the painting titled 035_2021, we can see on the background some geometrical shapes on

which emerge intense patches undefined of color. As if the artist wants to tell us about this duality and dialogue

between something defined and confusing. The geometry of the shapes and the chaos of the spots. In a similar

way, we can see the composition of the second painting titled 197_2021. On this occasion the space seems to be

cat in three parts vertically. From the left the lines that cat the space seems to be defined at the same time the

composition becomes more confusing on the right of the artworks. The colors are arranged in layers as if the

painting wants to be discovered in its hidden meaning. The observer is involved as if in the act of looking he was

leafing through the painting to slowly discover the various parts that compose it. In the third painting, the

geometry of the shapes become more defined. It is as if the element of confusion appears more subdued to give

more meaning to defined shapes. The way the artist uses the abstracts is a pretext to talk with herself and

discover new meanings and new concepts. In this way the action of the creation is also for her the moment of the

pause and discovery.